Strike force heroes 4 – Revenge of the clones

The most exciting campaign is back! With a new plot and gameplay, it will definitely drive you crazy. This is the Strike force heroes 4, a freshly released version of the most famous flash game. The storyline of this game is a last part of the game series. So, the developers have put a lot of effort to make this last game a really awesome. Unlike the previous version, here you’ll need more than a good vision to kill the enemy. The reason of this is that. The missions in the Strike force heroes 4 are a little bit different.

The scenario of this game takes place in the hazardous desert. It’s controlled by a army of clone soldier. I know you are brave enough to fight them now, but you have to be smarter here. Because, they have a double health and etc. So, you need to shut their system down. To do so, your main mission is that. You and your brave teammates are going in the hidden military base. There, you need to find the scientist and with his vaccine, you’ll destroy the clone controlling system. But, this isn’t less hard than fight against the whole army. The reason of this is an elite soldier group.

Your main enemy in this game is really wise. The elite soldier team is prepared for your comeback. So, to destroy their base and get the sirum, you have to fight a really hard. To do that, you have a really awesome shop. You can upgrade your weapons there and also buy a new one. You can get a drone or other robot too. Strike force heroes 4 isn’t just an ordinary shooter game. The tasks in this game are so entertaining. Like, sometimes you have to steal the flag from the enemy and etc. Be wise and you’ll get the throne of the general.


Traffic Talent 2 – Crazy time for drivers

Traffic Talent 2 is is a whole new era of the traffic games. This incredibly awesome game is made by professionals and its so cool. If you need to kill a free time with some crazy flash game, let me tell you more. The second version of the most adorable game has been released recently and i’m already loosing my mind. Traffic Talent 2 is a really addictive game. It’s really hard too. To complete the missions in this game, you need to accomplish three different tasks in every round. That doesn’t sound really fun, isn’t it? but, it’s so exciting and entertaining.



This new version has so many updates. Like, there is a whole new set of graphic and texture, which is so beautiful. Also, the game engine is modern and you can learn how to play in a second. But, the most important feature of this game is the new scenario. Unlike the previous game, here you aren’t just a driver. You need to save the city. The streets are full with strange cars and you need to give them a right direction. Also, your main mission is that. You need to keep every vehicle safe. To do so, your character needs to control the train road, helicopter and etc.


The storyline of this game takes place in the crowded city. The road is full with crashed cars and police can’t help you. So, you need to clean the road from broken car with a helicopter. Every round, you’ll get the one task like that. Also, the main plot twist will give you harder missions to accomplish. Like, you need to რegulate the traffic light. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Because, you need to do this really fast. But, don’t be afraid. The process of doing this is so fun and awesome. So, good luck and be safe!

Dead zed 2 – More zombies are back

Welcome back to the city of dead. The situation here is worse than the last time. So, you have to be more careful. This is the comeback of the dead army. Yep, the most marvelous zombie game is back with so many updates. Dead zed 2 has the ultimate amount of new features. There is new weapons, explosives and of course, the new storyline. It will definitely make you addicted to play more and more. The missions are harder too. You have to face the hazardous type of enemies. Like, there are more than ten different categories of zombie. But, don’t worry my friend, the most awesome guns are with you in this fight.

Are you old enough? because the most intense gameplay of this game isn’t for weak person. The dead army is rising again and you are the last barricade between them and the world. So, you have to kill every zombie in your yard. To do so, you have to use so many different weapon.There is a machine gun, so many smg too and of course, the rocket launcher. You can play even with the arrow if you want more fun. This isn’t everything. Sit tight and let me tell you about the most important feature of this game.

This isn’t just an ordinary shooting game. There is much to do in the Dead zed 2. Because, in this type of war, you need more than a good fight skills. The city is under attack. So, you need to assign a group of survivors. After that, you can send them in the city to search more people and other stuff. Also, you need good teamwork in this game and for that, you have shooters too in your team. So, choose the right persons to fight with you and you’ll be fine. Good luck.


Free Running 3 – Help the dragons

This is incredible. I don’t believe it. Look guys, the new version of the most awesome game is here! Free Running 3 are back to drive us crazy the one more time. If you don’t know already, this is the best running simulator. This flash game has so many fans all over the world. The reason of that is simple. The developers of this game have created the extraordinary world for runners. This mission will definitely make you addicted to run all day. Also, the beautiful graphic and coolest gameplay will give you joy. But, be ready. This isn’t the ordinary game. The dragons are waiting for you!

The most dangerous Parkour clan is back in town. They are waiting for you to start a war between the other group. So, you need to do some missions for them. Like, there is a really marvelous roads on the roof and you need to cross it. To do so, the dragons will give you some magic power. To use it, every round has some mysterious task for you. If you will find the hidden paintings on the wall or even dragon itself, you’ll get the extra power. This means that, you can the run faster and jump higher until this power is up.

Also, there is so many new features and update. First of all, there is a whole new set of design in every map. That will give you the opportunity to enjoy views from the roof and run at the same time. Also, the walls and explosive motion are really different here. So, you need to think twice before the claiming on them. Because, there are so many advanced features, which will drive you crazy. Like, there is a round, where you have to slide down on the snow or jump on the wet surface. Good luck with that.



Cursed Treasure 2 – Defend your queen!

Welcome lads. This post is about a such an exceptional new game with a whole modern engine and graphic designs. This is the Cursed Treasure 2. Yep, you heard it right. The best strategy game has a new version and you can play it right now. But first, let me tell you some interesting facts about it. This second game has so many improvements. Like, there are more enemies, new strategic defensive buildings and of course, an entire advanced set of gameplay. But, the most important and coolest thing is the modern achievements.

First of all, i was amazed, when i’ve read the scenario. This game has so many extraordinary plot twist and mini task for you as a conqueror. At the start, you are the king, who needs to defend his kingdom. But, then you need to conquer the world for your queen. Also, the main mission of this game is to defend your gems. It’s a magic stone, which has power to upgrade your army. So, every commander is trying to take them from you. But, don’t worry, you have such a magnificent defensive towers to kick them out with fire and magic. Oh, you can use just arrows, if you want to challenge yourself more.

Unlike the first game, this version has two game modes. When you complete each round, then you can play it again with night mode. It’s like the mainc storyline, but in this mode, you can only build towers in the light. So, it’s like an expert level. Also, the more you play, the game will give you a more awesome thing. Like, there is a three update for each tower, but once you unlock the one mission level, you’ll get the power to upgrade the defensive buildings on level 4. They will get a real destructive power with that. So, play with your mind and have fun.


Snail Bob 2 – Easiest way to have fun

Sit tight guys. I want to take you with me. Where? in the most entertain adventure you have ever seen. Yep. I’m so excited by this. It’s a freshly released version of the really famous game. Snail Bob 2 is a whole new world to explore. There is a planet of the alien, the magic world with witches and so many more. Also, the marvelous animal villains will chase you down here and it’s so fun. But, the most amazing thing about this game is a modern updates. It’s so many. This game just doesn’t stop to amaze us.

Are you ready? Okey, then i tell you more about this cool storyline. So, there is a one brave snail. His name is Bob. The life around him is boring, but he wants to go and see his father. The problem is that, the road is full with so many dangerous cities. You have to take down the alien ship, kill their commander and continue your trip. Also, the snail has to cross the jungle, which is full of hazardous giant animals. The most marvelous quest here is the mission, where you need to kill the king spider.

The gameplay of this game is so simple and cool. You just need to travel with your character and clean the road for him. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds. First of all, you need to be fast. This is really important, because the main task in this game is to act quickly. Like, you need to build bridges for your snail to cross the toxic ocean. Also, you have to give the spider king some treat, before it kills your character. To do so, you have the ant army. They can click some buttons for you and it’s really useful. So, be a hero and deliver the gift if you can.





Doodle jump – Best jumping game ever

hey guys, today I wanted something different to play. So, i found this cool game, which will definitely help you to relax. Unlike the other stuff, this game has something really addicting. The Doodle jump has simple scenario and extraordinary gameplay at the same time. Because of that, when i start playing this game, i was terrified. This main character is so cool. This little doodle gay will make you smile with its movement. But, this amazing game it’s not as easy as it seems at the first glance.

As the story goes, this game takes place in the magic world. Only population there are doodle creatures. They can jump really high, but once you start jumping here, you can’t stop. So, the main mission in this marvelous adventure is that, you have to avoid the fall from the sky. To do so, you have three different platforms to jump on them.

The green platform is a normal thing, it doesn’t give you any problem. But, the brown one is tricky. It will break after you touch it, so be careful and remember that. Also, the green platform is difficult to use too. The reason of that is simple. It moves to the right and left.

Doodle jump has awesome goals and achievements for you too. My favorite one is a Jetpack. If you get it, this crazy thing will give you so much speed and power to fly really high. Also, there is a mushroom, which will upgrade your inverse control. This is really helpful and in my opinion, the most important thing in this game. The reason of that is simple. You need to watch every step and catch the moving platforms real quick. There are extra coins too. So, have fun with this simple but beautiful game and good luck.



Chaos Faction – Kill everyone

This game is about killing everyone and destroy everything. Yeap, literally everything. Because of that, this is a best shooting game. Chaos Faction has created a whole new world of super villains and enemies for you. In my opinion, there are the best fight opponents and destructive weapons to destroy whoever you want. First of all, this game has a lot of amount of fun details. Like, you can fight with extraordinary pirates and aliens. Chaos Faction has 15 amazing level. Each one of them has a different maps and warriors. Also, the scenario and cool soundtracks.

The game modes in this game are incredibly smooth. You can play campaign mode, which is about complete awesome missions. There your main task is to kill soldiers in each map. After that, there is a boss in the final battle. In my humble opinion, it’s best for you to start with that. Because, each win in this mode will unlock a new weapons and soldier to use in future. If you play hard enough, you unlock the extra round too. This is the arena, where you have to fight against the marvelous boss.

My favorite mode of this game is the Deathmatch. This mode is about all fun and has three types of game category. There the fight ends when you want it. Also, I was changing weapons and map design in this mode. This really makes your playtime more enjoyable. The third mode of this game is the hardest one. The challenge mode is about killing as many opponents as you can. But, after every kill, your enemy will get stronger and stronger. So, play this really intense mode last. So, let’s be a part of the world, where everyone is trying to kill you and be a boss. Good luck friend.