Papa Louie – Welcome to the Jungle

This is it, guys! The most awesome adventure is real and we can play it for free. The Papa Louie is a whole new game with a new sensational storyline and incredibly interesting characters. The marvelous gameplay of this game and coolest graphic will definitely blow your mind. Like, it’s literally impossible to don’t be addicted to playing this game until the last mission. In my opinion, there is the best features to feel entertained and have a hard time at the same time. How? let me tell you more about the awesome plot twist of this hot game.


First of all, you have to know that, this game has the most realistic gameplay. I have never seen anything like that in the flash game before. The action scenes and shooting moments are so dramatic that you will be amazed. So, let me tell you the story of one brave servant from the Greatest restaurant in the universe. Your main character is the worker in the Papa louie’s restaurant. But, the evil king has captured your boss and your coworkers. Your main mission is to rescue them with honor. To do so, you’ll get the best super powers and abilities in the whole universe.

Above all, Papa Louie has the best characters in the world. At first, you are starting to play with the one ordinay but brave guy. If you play hard enough to rescue your coworkers, you can use them as a new main character. How cool is that. Also, Each prisoner has the different type of power. Some of them can shoot the magic laser, some of them can fly! So, aren’t you excited? Let me add that here you will fight against the most marvelous enemies. The vegetables and their evil king. If you are brave enough, you have to definitely try it this game.

Papa Louie 2 – Burgers war

The most awesome adventure game is back with the new storyline and amazing display. The Papa louie 2 is the whole new level of fun and entertainment with action scenes. If you don’t know already, let me tell you about the scenario of this game series. First of all, your main character is the guy, who works in the restaurant. But, his work isn’t ordinary, because Papa Louie’s restaurant is the best place in the whole city and it has so many enemies. So, the most wicked thing in the universe, the evil vegetable king is taking your boss and coworkers as a hostage and you have to rescue them in time.


To do so, you have to complete a very challenging missions. On your way to Papa’s cage, you have to go through a really dangerous forest. It is full with a marvelous monsters and beasts. Like, you need to destroy the demonic potato army and meanwhile, fight against the flying tomato monsters. But, you have to be careful to don’t die soon, because there are so many awesome and interesting missions ahead to complete. At first, you will be satisfied with the bigger and bigger enemies in every round, but you’ll get the super powers too.


The main mission in this game is to rescue your manager and friends from the cage. But, you have to be prepared for anything on your way.  Papa Louie 2 is the best game in his genre, because unlike the other games, here you can play more than one main character. When you unlock the new person, you can choose it as a main character for the next round. Each one has the different kind of power and abilities. Like, one guy can fly and some can shoot magic balls. So, if you play hard enough, you will be amazed.


Dead zed 3 – Impossible mission to save the Humankind!

Are you sitting tight? Because I’m willing to tell you the most extraordinary and dangerous story ever. The year is 2030. The humankind is under attack from the zombie army and you are the only one soldier in the city. So, are you ready to be the last barricade between the beast army and the innocent people? Well, the whole city is infected with some hazardous virus and the dead people are walking now. They are coming to destroy your house and survivors in it. Also, there is other people in the city, who needs your help and you have to rescue them! Are you ready for this type of responsibility?


The reason why i love this game so much is that. The gameplay of this game will give you the chance to enjoy with two types of mission. Like, here you need to fight on the two front. First one is the really hard to avoid. The army of the Undead is coming to the yard of the your house and you need to kill everyone. I mean, literally everyone who will step in into your yard. Also, you have to save your precious time for the other part of the game. The rescuing of survivors from the city.


Your main job in the second mission is to assign a good search party. This group of your team will go into city to search for survivors and other equipment. Like, if you choose a right people to send in the city, they will bring you a new weapons and even a grenade launcher. So, you have to big responsibility to take, but a bigger chance to have fun too. What can be more awesome than planting bombs in the ground and then blow them when the zombies will step on it.

Gun Mayhem 2 – New dimension of battlefield

Welcome to the post, where you will read about the game, which will drive you crazy. This is the Gun Mayhem 2, a whole new level of the most awesome shooting game and its out here for us. This is literally a madness. Let me tell you the story of this coolest shooter in the flash gaming world. First of all, your main character isn’t am ordinary man. You have to use the magic guy to make impossible things possible with weapons. The creators of this game have put a lot of effort to make am extraordinary missions and they did it well. So, are you excited to get know more about this game? Then carry on


The main mission in this game is to stay alive! This doesn’t sound scary at all, right? But, you will be satisfied, when you will see who are your enemies. First of all, unlike the other shooting flash games, here you don’t have to fight a same enemy in more than a one round. So, you have to face a lot of marvelous beast and warriors. Also, you have to fight in a different location and mode. So, this does sound cool enough, doesn’t it?

The modes of this game will definitely make you addicted to complete all type of missions. How? The most interesting scenario and coolest gameplay is the answer for this question. The first game mode is called challenge mode and it will require a good nerves from you. The reason of that is simple. Here you have to complete the hardest shooting missions with different plot twists. Like, sometimes you have to kill the angry and crazy rabbit, but the pirates are on their way to kill you too. At the same time! how intense is that for just one flash game? Trust me, it’s totally worth it to play.

hqdefault (1)-min

Dead Zed – Fun way to fight!

Are you ready to take the most important and a really entertaining challenge in the human history? Then let me tell you the magnificent story of the best shooting flash game. The developers of the Dead Zed have made a whole new world of realistic battlefield. I’ve never seen a more addictive storyline than this game’s scenario. Here you will be satisfied with the graphics and the awesome missions at the same time. Also, you’ll get a chance to kill the freaking zombies and it’s really fun. To do so, you have a marvelous arsenal of weapons, but you need to deserve them first.

At first, the main character of this game will please you with its awesome story. He is a one brave soldier, who rescued a few survivors from the infected city. Now, he wants to rescue more people from the dangerous area, but he also has to defend his house. The zombie army is close and your main job is to kill every beast, which will step into your yard. By the way, if you will assign a good enough search party and send them in the city, you’ll get a surprise. Because, the good squad can bring you a new weapons and other stuff. Also, they can repair your household.

hqdefault-min (2)

The scenario of this game takes place in the forest. The zombies are getting out of the forest and you need to stop them. To do so, you can use some really big artillery. Like, if you send a squad in the right house to search, they can get you a rocket launcher. Also, there are some awesome sniper rifles to kill enemy in the big distance. So, basically this game is fun, but you need to think too. Are you ready to take this challenge? then play it now.

Impossible quiz 2 – Harder questions are here!

This is it, guys. This is it! The most awesome and complicated game is out and we can play it free. The game with hardest and funniest questions have a second freshly released new version and it’s so freaking awesome. This second game is absolutely madness because of its gameplay and graphic details. Impossible quiz 2 is a whole new level of fun and excitement. Here you will laugh until your stomach hurts but you will be addicted to play despite that. So, are you ready to take this challenge and try to complete the uncompletable game? Then, this is the right time to talk more about the gameplay.

impossible quiz 2

First of all, the main reason of the success of this game is the hilarious question set. Unlike the other ordinary quiz games, here you can’t win with just a good knowledge of history or physics. Nope. You have to use all your logic power and common sense to solve the problems in this game. But, this isn’t an enough for completing this game either. The main key to win this game is the humor sense. You need to be very funny with each questions and this will help you to understand their ideas.

impossible quiz 2

Of course, the main mission in this quiz is to answer the questions with right answer. But, this game is so unique that, it doesn’t even have a right answer sometimes. Oh, it sounds very weird, right? But what else do you expect from the game, which’s name has an impossible in it. So, some rounds are really hard in this game. Sometimes you need to find a hidden answer behind the number of question. In some rounds, even the number is an answer. So, choose wisely, because you had an only 3 chance to answer with wrong aswers. Let’s make impossible to possible then.

Earn to Die 2 – Fun way to drive over zombies

Do you ever wonder, how it feels like to kill zombies with a machine gun and drive over them with a sport car at the same time? Well, I wanted this so much and then i discovered this game series. The most awesome survival game is here and it has a new version for us. Earn to Die 2 will give you a whole new perspective about fighting against zombies and survive. Also, the tremendous graphics and beautiful game texture will amaze you with its colorful display. There is a advanced set of sound effects too and it makes a game so realistic.

hqdefault (1)

The main reason to start playing this game is to follow the most interesting scenario in the flash gaming. Your main character has a marvelous military history. He is a hero and now wants to save another army base from the zombie army. But, his helicopter is out of fuel and you need to find a new transport to get to Oregon military base. So, your only option is a magical garage. There is a three different car to use, but you need to repair or update them at first to drive. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.


To do so, your main mission is to go as further as you can, Your road is full with the zombie army. There is a strong barricade too on the way and you need to buy a big car detail to go through them. Like, there is a big wheel and a better engine. But, the most awesome part is a boost. You can make your car a fastest vehicle in the world with it. Also, you can put a machine gun on top of your car. After you repair your car, you need to buy more fuel and fill up the tank. Then, you are free to go.

Cursed Treasure 3 – Magic Kingdom need your help

The knights, witches, zombies and so many unreal and awesome creature together at the one battlefield – what can be better than this? The Cursed Treasure 3 is a new version of the most famous and awesome strategy game. It has a so many new cool features and also, there is a new scenario too. The storyline of this game takes place in the magic island, which is conquered by a three different nation. There are magicians, who is trying to conquer every part of the island. Also, the mountain terrorists are ready to kill every living thing on this land. But, the third nation wants to do both. So, it’s interesting and let’s find out more about this cool game.


First of all, let me tell you about your kingdom. The main mission in this game is to keep your kingdoms most powerful treasure safe. It’s a three magic gem. They have a power to help you build the most awesome and deadly towers. You need them to defend your kingdom and your queen. So, you have to be careful. Every battle requires a different strategy for you. The reason of this is simple. Every new round, you have to fight a new enemy in a different location.


The most important new feature in this game is the magic superpower. You can call the gods to send you a meteor rain to destroy invaders. Or, you can make a majestic spell to decrease your enemy’s power. But, this isn’t enough. You have to build a fire towers, which will shoot a fire storm to attackers. Also, to defend your gems, you need to build a witch’s castle. It has a power to freeze your enemy army and kill them with snowballs. You can use a help of Ork army too. Let’s fight on!

Free running 5 – Jump of the edge

Are you ready to step of the edge? Then, follow me into the most dangerous mission. I want to introduce you a whole new game. This game is about the extremely awesome, but really hard sport. Free running 5 is a whole new world to explore with your imagination and big dose of adrenaline. If you don’t know already, the Free running is a game series, which was developed to drive you craze. Also, make you addicted and this is only at the start. When you’ll see a graphic and 3D world of this new version, you will be definitely amazed by it.

The developers of this freshly released game have made the every detail more realistic. The game engine is fully advanced and it make you addicted to play more and more. Also, it will show you the world, where the fear doesn’t even exist. You have to make the most dangerous tricks in the air, while running and jumping from one roof to another. This sounds already incredible, but when you hear the soundtrack, it makes it more awesome. Above all, the main reason of this game’s awesomeness is a gameplay with a really cool storyline. So, let’s jump in into this adventure.

The scenario of the Free running 5 takes place in the majestic city. You’ll see the beautiful view of the city by yourself. It’s so awesome. Also, your main mission is cool too. You need to go as fast as you can and run over the jump points between the highest buildings. Meanwhile, you have only 2 minute or 4 minute to complete the race. It depends on the difficulty of map. So, be careful and make your gang proud with collecting bonus points during the run. This may be a last round for your character, are you ready?


Earn to Die 2014 – bloody races with zombies

welcome to the post, where you can read about the most awesome survival game. This is the extremely addictive flash game. So, are you ready to follow me into this coolest madness? Then, let’s start. Earn to Die 2014 is a freshly released version of the best game in its genre. It will show you a whole new perspective of bloody racing and killing zombies. Also, here you will be amazed by advanced graphics and modern sound effects. First of all, you have to choose your own vehicle to go through a hazardous apocalypse. Gladly, you have an awesome collection of cars to choose.

Earn to Die 2014

At first, let me tell you about a storyline of this game. Earn to Die 2014 is a new version. So, it’s story is an extra episode of the original scenario. It takes place in the desert in Texas. It’s crowded with a zombie army. Your main character is a one brave hero, who needs a new transport to cross this road safety. But, his helicopter is out of gas. So, you have to choose between the 3 broken car. It’s so awesome part, because the game engine is so realistic and you can adjust your cars with coolest engine details and etc.

Earn to Die 2014 2

Above all, the main mission in this game is that. You have to go further and further in every round. This will give you enough money to update your car. At first, you have to go through a strong barricade on the road. To do so, you need a better engine and bigger wheels. But, you have to kill a zombie while traveling. This isn’t a big problem, because this game has everything to make your play a really entertaining. I mean, you can add a machine gun on top of your sport car. What can be more awesome than this?