Lol boosting has been a major subject of controversy in League of Legends. Elo boost is when a highly rated player plays games on a lower rated players account with the sole intent of increasing the account’s rating. Given this, many people have criticized the people that partake in the activity, but is it truly unethical? Well, first off, it’s against Riot Games’ Terms of Service and has harsh consequences if caught. Even though many people know of the risk, they still risk all the work they put into their account in order to increase their rating. The side that is against elo boosting says that the activity is toxic towards the integrity of ranked play. While this is true, a boosted player might be playing at a rating that they cannot handle, no one side can have an sustainable advantage. Since League of Legend’s match making is randomly assigned each game, minus duo queue, nobody will be able to gain an advantage. The side that is for elo boosting says that it’s going to happen no matter what. It’s in human nature to want to get better at a game, and regardless of rules and conditions, people will always find a way to circumvent the rules to gain what they want.

Because of this, many highly rated players have begun to form websites to cater to the demands of the customers. With the establishment of trustworthy websites, the amount of scams that happen have decreased substantially. Riot Games must feel this way as well, because even though they are fully aware of the existence of these boosting websites, they refrain from taking any tangible action against them. They understand that if they crush one site, a dozen more will pop up to take their place and with these sites that are already established processing orders reliably and trustworthy, they save time and resources because they have less account recovery tickets to deal with. Both parties win.

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